( License: B.S.0145655 )

Real Estate is Cindy’s 3rd career which began in 2002.   She worked 15 years in the banking industry both personal and commercial banking.  She then moved on into the High Tech industry as a director of various Information Technology companies until she decided to retire from Apple Computer in 2002 and do Real Estate.  She started in the Bay Area and then moved to the Greater Sacramento/Roseville market in 2010 and now is licensed in Nevada as well. “It just makes sense as over the years my clients have pushed me to Greater Sac/Roseville area for either moving themselves or investing in a 2nd home and now more and more are coming to Nevada to escape CA craziness and for better investments in business.”  “ I started off in Nevada in banking in Reno/Carson area in the late 1970’s, and lived up in Incline for a time then too so it’s like coming home.”  Cindy recently got into Commercial Real Estate for her Bay Area investor clients and has gained expertise in Retail business investments (both multi-tenant and single tenant) to add to her expertise in residential Real Estate.  She recently closed on some Burger Kings, a Popeyes in CA and is working on a couple closings in Nevada both in Vegas and in Sparks. “I find that many clients like the ease and profitability of commercial investments. There are almost no landlord/owner responsibilities and they are more profitable than multi-family residential investments, plus it works better for many larger ($2M+) 1031 exchanges.”  “It’s an area I find interesting and have a great background with commercial business from my banking days so it was a natural fit.” Cindy feels you should always be learning how to best serve your clients and expand their knowledge so they can make the best decision for themselves. “It’s just another tool in the tool belt!”

On a personal level, Cindy has been married to Bob Hipwell for almost 30 years and have raised 9 children in their blended family. “We often refer to our family as “His, Mine, Ours & Others” as we have his, mine, one together and we adopted another.  ”We now have 22 grandchildren with more being planned and 2 kids yet to marry!” Her husband Bob retired as a Brigadier General in June 2010 from the Army after spending most of the previous 8 years over in Iraq or Afghanistan and then after retirement worked as a military consultant until 2 years ago. Three of their sons are still serving our country.  Cindy & Bob have owned their Incline Village home for over 20 years and are now full time here. They also own a small ranch in Granite Bay, CA where they have horses, and a great tenant to watch the place and allow them a bed when visiting kids. For fun they ride horses, golf, ski, boat and play with grandkids!