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An Endless Variety of Floor Plans

One of the great things about the Incline Village / Crystal Bay real estate market is the tremendous variety of floor plans that buyers have to choose from. You can find just about every flavor ranging from a postage stamp sized one-bedroom condo all the way up to sprawling compounds spread out over several acres. And in the rare event that you can’t find a place that suits your personal preferences, there is always the opportunity to purchase a lot or tear down an existing place and build your dream home.

While Incline Village might be a master planned community from the standpoint of the layout of the streets, open spaces, recreational facilities, etc. there was a tremendous amount of leeway permitted in the types of houses and condos that could be built. As you drive through the different subdivisions about the only place where you will see a significant number of similar looking homes will be in Millcreek. This particular subdivision still has a number of the old so-called Boise Cascade type of homes situated on large, level lots

But that is about the only neighborhood where you will find a good percentage of homes built with a similar floor plan. You’ll find charming little cabins on the same street as lodge style homes that sleep 24. Many properties located on the down slope will have the great room and master suite on the entry-level which also serves as the top floor. As you go downstairs one or two levels you will find guest bedrooms, a family room or exercise room, maybe even a home theater. Some houses have the master suite isolated for privacy, others have all the bedrooms grouped into one wing of the house along with the laundry room for convenience. There is such an enormous variety of single-family homes in our community that it’s imperative for the local real estate agents to see them on the MLS tour. A handful of architects designed homes that bear their signature floor plan style, but no one in particular dominates the Incline Village/Crystal Bay real estate landscape.

Freestanding condos generally range from approximately 1100 ft.² up to 4000 ft.². In these Planned Unit Development (PUD) complexes you will generally find properties with asking prices from the high 400s all the way up to around $3 million. There are usually only a few different floor plans within any particular complex, as most of these developments have somewhere between 24 and 50 units. The exceptions to this are found in Lower Tyrolia and Tyrolian Village, where the variety of chalets and Alpine style homes knows no limits.

Even the condo complexes in Incline Village and Crystal Bay offer a wide array of floor plans for the discriminating buyer. In Third Creek where you have approximately 150 units in the complex there are 14 different floor plans. The three bedroom floor plans alone range from 1596 ft.² all the way up to nearly 2600 ft.² and come in very different two-story and three story layouts. The feel and traffic flow in each of these units will appeal to different types of buyers with their own personal lifestyle and preferences.

Buyers looking to purchase property on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe have no shortage when it comes to the variety of floor plans from which to choose. While inventory levels are very low, the basic nature of our market dictates that there will always be new and different properties to look at. Buyers who can’t find the floor plan they are looking for during the winter months just need to be a little bit patient and wait for the annual onslaught of new listings.

Weekly Real Estate Update

Statistics gathered from the Incline Village MLS on 1/12/20

Houses Condos PUDs

For Sale 80 45 15

Under $1 million 11 21 8

Median Price For Sale $1,999,995 $1,190,000 $940,000

YTD Sales 2020 3 2 1

YTD Sales 2019 6 3 1

New Listings 5

In Escrow 9

Closed Escrow 6

Range in Escrow $475,000 – $2,075,000

These statistics are based on information from the Incline Village Board of REALTORS® or its Multiple Listing Service as of January 12, 2020

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