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Creative Ways to Show GRATITUDE

While studies have found that practicing gratitude daily is ideal for our minds, bodies, and spirits, this is an especially wonderful time of year to cultivate and express gratitude for your family, friends, and colleagues. Here are some creative ways you can show your loved ones some gratitude this holiday season:

Is someone you care about stretched thin with parenting and/or a busy job? Offer to do some acts of service to lighten their load, such as mowing their lawn, bringing them dinner, running errands for them, or watching their kids one evening so they can do something for themselves.

Pick a morning, and as soon as you arrive at your desk, send out individual emails to all of your closest colleagues that say what you appreciate about them and why you’re grateful to have them on your team. Go into detail. This will not only make their day, but it’ll give you a feel-good boost, too.

Surprise your love with a pre-planned date night. Make all the arrangements in advance, such as a restaurant reservation or tickets to an event, and let your partner know you planned a special night together so you can show them how much you love and appreciate them. They’ll feel like a million bucks, and your relationship may be stronger for it!

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